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If you are looking to take your school or club on an overseas sports tour, the first thing you need to decide is where you want to travel. At Venatour, a leading UK sports tour company experienced in providing sports tours for schools here in the UK and abroad, our team have unrivalled industry experience to guide you into getting the best sports tour to meet your budget and get the standard of opposition you require to get the most from your tour. 

As a leading sports tour operator for schools, we are able to arrange sports tours for the traditional touring sports like rugby, cricket and football, however, we are also able to arrange tours for sports such as swimming, cycling, rowing and tennis as well. Whatever sport you play and the standard of competition and opposition you are used to, the experts at Venatour can arrange a sports tour for your club or school that delivers the outcomes you are looking to achieve.

Venatour recognises that safety is paramount and that one of the most important aspects of arranging sports tours for schools and club is accommodation. We have provided sports tours for young people from all over the world and work with a wide range of accommodation providers to ensure the highest levels of safety and to deliver exceptional experiences for those attending. 

Amazing Sports Tours and Trips for Schools

Standard of opposition matched, accommodation to suit all budgets, tours to build life long memories.

If you are an agent, school or club from outside the UK and you are looking for a sports tour operator for schools and clubs to help you bring a group on tour to our fantastic country, you will be pleased to note that we also specialise in arranging sports tours here in the United Kingdom. We look after more than 80 incoming sports tours a year and have great relationships with a number of UK schools and clubs which allows us to match your fixture requirements.

Venatour can provide a wide range of accommodation options to ensure your group stays in the best accommodation available and that you are able to meet your budgetary requirements. For schools and clubs, we use billets where available to minimise costs and provide a more in-depth cultural experience for those attending. However, the accommodation you choose for your group is entirely up to you and we will ensure that the needs of your group are met at all times.

'Just to say tour was the best yet….it was brilliant from start to finish – thanks for everything you both did pulling this off for us!' Paul Cecil - Old Ruts Rugby Club

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If you already have a destination in mind and would like to speak to a member of the Venatour team about your requirements and the options available to you, please get in touch by calling 01242 650 192. If you have any questions about the services we can provide and the destinations we have arranged tours in, please do not hesitate to call us and discuss your proposed tour. We have many years' experience in the sports travel sector and we work with agents right across the globe to make sure your tour runs smoothly and safely with a tour itinerary designed specifically for your group.